COVID Sanchar Samuha is a volunteer collective of public health, communications, and grassroots development practitioners that seeks to provide life-saving information to Nepali citizens and decision-makers during the growing COVID crisis in Nepal.

COVID-19 disproportionately impacts economically and socially marginalized families. Through solidarity and public awareness, together we can create tools, resources, and solutions that help reduce the spread of the virus and ensure proper treatment for families returning home.

We believe that by using our collective media experience and reach, we can provide a fast-moving and effective media channel to get life-saving information to the grassroots and to policy-makers.


E-mail: covidsanchar@gmail.com


Ben Ayers

Ben Ayers is a humanitarian, climber, writer and documentary film producer who has worked and lived in Nepal for over two decades. He is well known for his work establishing the grassroots development organizations Porters’ Progress and the dZi Foundation – both of which pioneered new models for community-led development. His films have won multiple international awards and brought positive global attention to some of Nepal’s most isolated communities.

Dishebh Raj Shrestha

Dishebh Raj Shrestha is a Graphic Designer. Having completed a Bachelor in Design and an MBA, Dishebh is exploring ways to merge his passion with a sustainable career not just for himself but for other aspiring creatives as well. He currently runs Square Studio, a collective for designers, to pursue passion projects along with commissioned design projects.

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati lives in Kathmandu, Nepal and works at the intersections of visual storytelling, research, pedagogy, and collective action. In 2007, she co-founded photo.circle; a platform that facilitates learning, exhibition making, and publishing opportunities for Nepali photographers that is working in increasingly trans-disciplinary ways. In 2011, she co-founded Nepal Picture Library; a digital archiving initiative that works towards diversifying Nepali social and cultural history. NayanTara is also the co-founder and Festival Director of Photo Kathmandu, an international festival that takes place in Kathmandu every two years.

Nishant Shilpakar

Nishant’s broad expertise ranges from handling the organisation’s numbers and paperwork to managing the logistics of a variety of events. He is an avid traveller and likes to enjoy the Nepali mountains when he can.


Rupak is a freelance visual artist based in Kathmandu. He has been creating digital art and mural for the past 4 years. He loves to turn his imaginations into reality through murals and illustrations. He is passionate about off road biking, photography and videography.

Sailendra Dongol

Sailendra Dongol from Kathmandu, is a graduate in Human and Natural Resources Studies from Kathmandu University. He led youth-led campaigns and projects mainly concerning the natural environment. He juggles with various hats;  campaigner, entrepreneur, mentor, first aid responder, Mountain Bike Coach, Mountain Bike commissaire, and trainer. 

He co-founded Cycle City Network Nepal which advocates for bicycle-friendly policies and infrastructure in Nepal. He co-owns Pangro, which organizes and manages outdoor adventure sporting events in Nepal. His passion for outdoor adventure has also driven himself to be a Wilderness First Aid Responder. He is a coffeeholic and co-owns a few coffee shops in Kathmandu. He has trained himself in audio and visual documentation from DOCSKOOL. He produced and presented a radio program with Ujjyalo Radio for 2 years. He is currently the Communication and Documentation officer at the Nepal Mountaineering Association. 

He is alumni of the United States Youth Council 2013. Recipient of British Council International Climate Change Champion in 2012.

Sushil Koirala

Sushil started his career in Public health in 1998, with the National AIDS Program. He moved to USAID’s Infectious disease program in 2001 and spend 3 years working on the Early Warning Reporting System - the first rapid response system for infectious diseases in Nepal. In 2004, he completed his second master’s degree in public health with a specialization in disease surveillance and was a first-class gold medalist.

He returned to Nepal and joined UNDP in 2005, and over the next 25 months, he was credited with expanding HIV testing services across Nepal 19 fold, adding an additional 173 testing centers.

Sushil continued to work for UNDP, focusing upon HIV testing, from 2007-2010 in countries across the globe including Thailand, China and Yemen.

He then returned to Asia and lead one of the largest community-based studies in the region. After the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, Sushil co-founded Survivors - a local NGO in Kathmandu, and has been spending half of his time working in Nepal rebuilding schools, supporting education, health care, and in mental health. He spends 50% of his time in Thailand doing consulting work for the UN and other international organizations. 

Sushil was also a member of the technical advisory committee in the Ministry of Health under Hon. Health Minister Gagan Thapa in 2017.

Sushil is an avid world traveler, a metalhead, and a stern believer in social justice.


Thomas has two decades of experience in communications and project management in the private sector, develpment organisations and cultural institutions, gained in Europe, Africa and South Asia. He enjoys creating behind-the-scenes structures for socially engaged projects, working in cross-cultural settings and exploring the world.

Tripty Tamang Pakhrin

Tripty Tamang Pakhrin is a photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a graduate from the School of Management, Kathmandu University. Her work explores ideas of space, repetition and memory. She’s a recipient of  the Fritt Ord Foundation’s Student Grant, 2018 and The VII Foundation’s Alexandra Boulat Grant, 2019. 
She is currently associated with photo.circle and Photo Kathmandu.